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Anonymous asked:

No no no no u cannot just rely on the majority to take into consideration the rights of minorities Women couldn't vote until the 20s Gay marriage has taken so long to become legalized you need to protect the rights of minorities always.


im arguing for direct democracy in presidential elections instead of the electoral college garbage.  direct democracy is superior to electoral colleges in every way.  this doesn’t really have anything to do with minorities but to address you, having a direct democracy instead of a republic is superior concerning minorities’ rights anyway, because republic representatives tend to only get elected if they have a strong central tendency.  where are you getting the idea that if we had a direct democracy there would be no minority rights, because that isn’t going to happen

Um, no. It’s our democracy that’s designed to prevent tyranny of the majority… Direct democracy’s awful because it’s just what the majority wants. Civil rights and shit would have been a hell of a lot harder to push through back then… Haven’t you EVER taken gov?

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